Blog Hangouts & Pinewood Social

So one of things that I have enjoyed about blogging is the chance to get to know cool people who also blog about all kinds of things. Last weekend I was lucky enough to get the chance to meet up with some blogging gals and we had the best time at Pinewood Social--seriously, if you haven't been...it's time to go!

Zipporah's chicken and biscuits...yep they look pretty good! 

They had a fun atmosphere, (restaurant, bar, coffee shop, and bowling included!) delicious food, great cocktails, and excellent service.

I had a turkey & cranberry sandwich...it was AWESOME...it was more of a carved turkey rather than turkey slices. 

It was also a nice way to spend part of my afternoon just talking and hanging out with other ladies in the "blogosphere".

Photo Cred: Jessica's camera/ bowling man who took it

I can't wait to go back with another group of friends soon...but in the meanwhile meet some of my sweet blogging buddies right now!


  1. Such a fun afternoon! Did you see that Pinewood Social is today's feature in "365 Things to do in Nashville"?

  2. Katie,

    I actually didn't...but that makes us just that much cooler and "hipper" hah. I'm dreaming of that awesome turkey sandwich.

  3. ive never been to a blogging social but i've been dying to go to one. if only i can find one in chicago! i think the most fun part is to see what all the other bloggers wore- you all look so fab :)

    xo marlen
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    1. Marlen,

      You should look into it! With a city as big as Chicago, I'm sure there's bound to be a group of bloggers around there!! It's a great way to get connected!!

  4. What a fun get-together! All of you look gorgeous! I think it's really important to support other bloggers in the blogosphere and connect with them. Kudos to you!

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend! :)

  5. so bummed I couldn't come to this one! Pinewood Social is amazing. I don't know if I've had anything off their regular menu and this stuff looks incredible! everyone looks so stylin' in this picture, i LOVE your outfit. I want to borrow that gorgeous skirt asap!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA

  6. Such a fun time. Looking forward to the next meet up!!


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