Stay Still

As a student my whole life I was always on the run-- Run to school, run to soccer practice, run home to eat dinner, rush through homework, go to bed late, wake up early and do it alllllll over again.

Then I grew up a little bit and went to college—I woke up early, went to bed late and studied more than my brain could even handle. I've been so accustomed to being rushed everywhere I go. 

Now that I am a working "not-quite-grown-up" I have this new thing I'm working on—being still. Most importantly I don't always have to be doing something. It’s okay to just watch TV and paint my nails—I don't need to run anywhere. It’s okay to just sit, and relax.

Have any of you experience this through your transition into YOUR not-quite-grown-up lives? 


Versatile Investment

Clothing is an investment—not just because I like to look good and put together but because impressions are important.

Recently I have been approaching my wardrobe as more of investment pieces rather than “fashion statements”. I use necklaces, purses, or other accessories to make a statement and keep classics current--I suppose it's what fashion experts have been saying for ages...

J. Crew Petite Sunburst Skirt

My versatile investment for this month is a knife pleat navy skirt from J. Crew. You can dress it up, you can dress it down but you will ALWAYS get compliments. The first time I wore it to work with an oatmeal colored sweater, statement oversize pearl necklace, nude pumps and bright red lips.

Petite Sunburst Skirt

Needless to say I was getting compliments left and right, and I felt like a million bucks. You can also wear this with a cotton tank top, flats, statement earring, and hair up and you have the perfect outfit for an afternoon walk through some cute shops.

I'd say it was a pretty $59.07 spent. 

What are some purchases you've recently made? 


Brushing Up

I only own one makeup brush. Coincidentally--I have owned that same brush since I was in the 7th grade...so about eight years. Something tells me I probably should have already tossed this brush but it it still hanging out in my makeup bag day after day.

As I contemplate a new makeup brush purchase I think it's important to know which  brushes do what. So this here article is for all you ladies--actually just like me who have had a makeup brush apply your makeup for your eight grade graduation, sophomore year homecoming, senior prom, your college graduation and every in between.

powder/blush brushes

This is what my super brush--but it certainly doesn't mean this should be your only super brush. This brush is by far the most common kind of makeup brush, and should be used to apply any kind of powder foundation or blush powder. The brushed from above are: bareMinerals tapered brushMarc Jacobs Beauty, and bareMineral Full Flawless Brush

A dome shaped shadow blush perfect size for applying and blending color onto your eyelids. 
Brushes above are the pur minerals and Japonesque .

Okay soooo this isn't exactly a "brush" its more of a sponge BUT it is used in the application of makeup. I have seen these at T.J. Maxx so I would not ever pay the $19.00 odd dollars that this specific sponge costs,but I have been intrigued by its shape and also the use of the sponge. The top "point" of it is perfect for getting areas such as corners of your eyes, and the rounded, larger side is great for quick application of foundation on the rest of your face. 

I will need to be investing in some new brushes soon...but for now learning about them is awfully handy. 

I hope this helped you out as much as it helped me! 


Easy Work Lunch

So I've had several posts featuring easy work lunches, I always look for different "dishes" to take to lunch so that I'm actually looking forward to my lunch instead of dreading a bland sandwich...or a plate that I eat all too often and then get sick of it.

So I decided to take one of my favorite appetizers or "salads" and make it into my lunch: the caprese salad!


1 tomato
1/2 avocado
1 teaspoon olive oil
2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar
Italian Seasoning

Just slice the tomato, and the mozzarella, add the balsamic and olive oil, and sprinkle on some Italian Seasoning to taste! I also add some avocado in there--even though I know it doesn't really go into a Caprese Salad...but that just my style!


Time Savers

I have had my blog totally abandoned the last six weeks. I started my new full-time job, and my world has been rocked. I love my job, I honestly do. BUT I have zero time to do anything during the week anymore and on the weekends I feel like I am just catching up on stuff I couldn't finish during the week. Does anyone else feel that way?

With that said, I have quickly (really quickly) come up with a few things that has helped me try and take full advantage of my time. So here they are!!

Pack anything you need to take with you the night before

Yes folks, it's true. In the evenings (usually) you aren't as rushed to get everything piled together as you would be early in the morning when you're trying to get out the door. I for example take with my every morning: my purse, laptop bag, lunch, gym bag, and office clothes I will wear that day...every.single.day.  I make a good little pile blocking my doorway so that I can't possibly miss it.

Use your calendar app on your phone

So at work, everyone sends Outlook invites for anything and everything. It's definitely the culture at my office--the thing is I have started to do it for my real life too! This may not help me save time but is definitely helps me to stay organized and think about what I need to do, and what is urgent and not-so-urgent.

Less is more

I really love makeup. I do. BUT putting on elaborate makeup for work 1) doesn't save time or 2) also helps you appreciate more sophisticated looks on the weekend. What's on my face during the week?

  • Neutrogena SPF 30 
  • Nars Blush, in Orgasm
  • Maybelline Mascara 
  • Brown eye liner (I'm not really keen on any particular brand) 

You don't have to do everything every day

I for example do Laundry on Saturday mornings, my hair and nails Sunday Afternoons, and have specific nights during the week allotted to hang out with friends, catch up on sleep, on run errands. It just helps me to not "need" to do everything all at once. A person can go crazy like that! 

I hope these tips helped you out some--I know I live by them. Being a grown up can be hard work, and miraculously days only have about 5 hours in them all of a sudden. It's about getting the most out of your day.